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Earn extra money shopping

As a shopper, you'll have a fantastic opportunity to earn money doing something that you might already love doing.

Be a household hero

You'll be a household hero picking and delivering fresh groceries and everyday essentials to people and families in your community who need them.

Shop whenever you want

There are no set hours. Bored at home with nothing to do? Join in with other shoppers servicing your community whenever suits you.

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Accept an order

Log into the shopper app and accept a customer order.

Shop for the order

Go to the supermarket as directed and start shopping for the items requested by the customer.

Deliver the order

Take the order to the customer and get paid. Woot woot!

Frequently asked questions

What are the basic requirements?

As a shopper, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a current and valid drivers licence
  • Be eligible to work in Australia
  • Have access to a registered and insured vehicle
  • Have access to and be able to effectively use a smartphone
  • Be able to lift 25kg
  • Follow food safety guidelines

Anything else?

If you are interested in earning money shopping, already provide services as a personal shopper, or are involved in the retail, supermarket, transport, or caregiving industries, you might want to consider shopping with Aircart. We welcome interested individuals from an array of industries and backgrounds. Shopping on the Aircart platform is great for anyone looking for flexible, seasonal, home-based, weekend, weekday, after-school, or temporary opportunities. We are committed to diversity and providing equal opportunities for independent contractors. We consider qualified individuals without regard to gender, sexual orientation, or race, among others. Aircart also values providing prospective contractors with a fair chance to pursue opportunities. Aircart evaluates criminal histories in accordance with this value and applicable laws. When expressing your interest in becoming a shopper, you authorise Aircart to perform a background check.

Why shop and deliver with Aircart?

At Aircart, we strive to enable happier, simpler lives by offering the greatest grocery shopping and delivery experience to every household. Our technology gives customers access to their favourite stores online so they can order fresh groceries and everyday essentials from anywhere. Shoppers receive these orders through an app on their smartphone, then shop and deliver groceries to the customer’s door.

How much can I earn as an Aircart shopper?

Your earnings potential depends entirely on how many orders you decide to complete.

As a shopper, you have the flexibility and piece of mind to work as little or as often as you want. This means that total earnings potential depends on the individual.
Aircart provides estimates for your earnings on every order. The amount you earn per batch of orders depends on the number of items, type of items, driving distance, and effort involved in shopping and delivering. You will keep 100% of any customer tips.

Looking for a perfect way to make money?

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