Aircart gives you an innovative and convenient way to earn extra money and get paid fast in 48 hours.

Be a household hero to families and people in your community by shopping for and delivering their groceries and essentials. 

Aircart offers you flexibility to earn money doing something you might already love, whenever you want.

Get paid to shop

Earn money as a personal shopper with Aircart. There are no requirements around how often you work - you choose which orders to complete.

Plus, you will never have to use your own personal payment method - all approved shoppers are issued secure Aircard payment cards.


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Log in to view orders


With Aircart, you can log in to view orders. Our platform lets you see an overview of orders, informing your decision on when, where, and how much you earn.

Accept and shop


Our easy to use app acts as a shopping list, showing which items the customer wants. As you shop, mark items as found, not found, or subbed with another item.



Once you have the requested items, pay at the store checkout as normal with your Aircard and open navigation to the delivery address. 

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Frequently asked questions

What are the basic requirements?

As an Aircart shopper, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a current and valid drivers licence
  • Be eligible to work in Australia
  • Have access to a registered and insured vehicle
  • Have access to and be able to effectively use a smartphone
  • Be able to lift 15kg
  • Have an ABN
  • Follow food safety guidelines

Want to learn more?

To learn more about shopper requirements, earnings and shopping protocol, read our full list of Shopper FAQs here.

Why shop and deliver with Aircart?

At Aircart, we strive to enable simpler lives and more time for people to enjoy them. As a personal shopper, you'll earn money shopping for and delivering fresh groceries and everyday essentials to individuals and families in your community. There are no requirements around how often you work. You can choose when and where you earn, helping your community whenever it suits you.

How much can I earn as an Aircart shopper?

Your earnings depend entirely on how many orders you decide to complete. Earnings are calculated by a base rate plus a percentage of the order value. For example, for an order of $200 you will receive a total of $20, and an order of $150 you will receive a total of $16.25. A typical order takes 30 minutes to complete and earnings correlate to the effort and time required. Earnings estimates are provided on every order, with earnings deposited to your nominated bank account 48 hours after completion.

What is a typical Aircart order like?

When logged into the Shopper app, you’ll be presented with an overview of current available orders, including earnings estimates. If you choose to accept an order, the app will outline the following steps in detail:

1) Go to the shop
2) Shop for the order using the shopping list
3) Deliver the order to the customer

Is Aircart active in my area?

To view our recommended shopper zones, download the Aircart Shopper app from the app store. Once you have created an account, you will be presented with a list of recommended shopper suburbs. To view and accept orders as an approved Aircart personal shopper, we recommend being located within the indicative suburbs. Orders are only available to view and accept while located within these suburbs, or parts thereof, at this time.

How do Aircart shoppers pay for groceries in-store?

Aircart provides shoppers with an Aircard payments card to cover the cost of groceries with a pre-approved amount for each order. These cards are used just like typical debit cards.

How do I apply to become an Aircart shopper?

Applying to become an Aircart shopper is a multistage process, completed via the Aircart Shopper app. 1) Download the Aircart Shopper app from the app store. 2) Create an account. 3) Acknowledge the independent contractor agreement. 4) Upload some basic information (licence, DOB, and ABN details). 5) *Complete a background check or verify a recent one. 6) Verify your account in account settings and nominate a bank account for earnings deposits. 7) Receive your Activation Kit via mail. 6) Verify your Aircard number in your account. Onboarding takes approximately 5 business days to process. *A small fee charged by our accredited partner may apply.

How much is an ABN and how do I get one?

Having an ABN is a requirement if you wish to become a shopper on the Aircart platform. Registering for an ABN is free on the The Australian Business Register (ABR) website. If you consult a tax agent to complete an application for you they may charge a fee for their services.

Provided you supply all the information required, you will usually receive online notification of your ABN immediately upon completion of the ABN application.

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