Customer FAQs

What are the delivery hours?

Typical delivery hours are 9am - 9pm seven days a week, however may vary between stores listed on the Aircart platform. To view store delivery hours, tap the small information button on the store listing. Delivery hours are subject to change on public holidays.

What is Aircart?

Aircart is a same-day grocery delivery platform bringing you thousands of fresh groceries and everyday essentials in as little as 1 hour through a community of approved personal shoppers who pick your order from local supermarkets and deliver directly to your door.

How do I order?

1) Enter a delivery time and address on the homescreen to see if your area is covered
2) Select your favourite store
3) Browse products, add them to your cart and checkout
Done! Your order will be assigned to a trusted personal shopper who will take care of the rest.

How much does it cost?

Delivery fees are rated by your order size:

Less than $50 = $11.99 delivery
$50 to $300 = $14.99 delivery
More than $300 = $19.99 delivery

Where possible, Aircart works with retailers to offer pricing you would find in-store. However, in some instances, in-store pricing may differ from those available online.

Is delivery available in my area?

To see if there are any stores available in your area, enter your delivery address on the homescreen. You will then be presented with stores to choose from or a screen letting you know we'll be there soon.

Can I place an order for a friend or family member?

Yes, of course.

Input their delivery address and a requested delivery time and you will be shown stores to choose from.

Please note, all contact regarding the order will be made to whoever placed the order.

What happens if a product is expired or damaged upon delivery?

Please send an email to with images of the item in question attached. Once processed and approved, we will refund the item.

How can I earn money as an Aircart personal shopper?

We are always looking for new shoppers keen to help people live happier, simpler lives.

To apply, download the Aircart Shopper App from the app store and go through the application and onboarding process.

How can I contact Aircart?

For enquiries or issues with your order, please contact us via

If you are an Aircart personal shopper and require assistance, please contact us via

For media enquiries, please contact

Who are Aircart personal shoppers?

Aircart personal shoppers are screened, approved and trusted people who enjoy shopping for and delivering fresh groceries and everyday essentials to households in their community.

Applicants go through a multi-stage onboarding process which includes a full background check to ensure your safety and the safety of our community. Once we are satisfied they meet our requirements, they can begin shopping on the Aircart platform.

Aircart shoppers can be trusted to always to pick the freshest produce available which meet your specific requirements.

Can I choose a delivery time?

Yes. Enter a delivery time on the homescreen. You can select ASAP or a scheduled day and time up to 3 days in future.

Why are there no stores available in my area?

Stores are limited to service specific areas. Although Aircart is available, we're not everywhere just yet. But hold tight - we will be very soon.

Can I use a supermarket loyalty or rewards card?

There is currently no Aircart rewards or loyalty program, but stay tuned.

What happens if a product I ordered is not in stock at the supermarket?

We do our best to ensure all the products you order are available, however occasionally a product may not be available on the store shelf.

If you elected for an item to be replaced if it is unavailable, your personal shopper will find a substitute using their best judgement. In this case, you will be charged for the cost of the substituted product which will never be more than the original product you ordered.
If you have elected for an item not to be replaced if it is unavailable, the item will be refunded and no substitute delivered.

Can I buy products from different stores in one order?

Aircart currently does not allow consolidation of products from multiple stores in one order.

Each order is from a single store and assigned to a personal shopper who fulfills your order at the store.

Can I communicate with my personal shopper?

Your personal shopper may contact you via text or call if there is an issue with delivery.

If you require assistance, you can also contact Aircart directly at and we will endeavour to solve any issues as soon as possible.

Where can I find the Aircart terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions for use of the Aircart platform are available at

Can I add notes to a product for the shopper?

Yes. When adding an item to your cart, you will have the ability to add a note. For example, "Ripe avocado if available please."

How can I view the status of my order once placed?

You can view your order in the "Orders" tab where you will also see past orders.

Each order goes through five stages:
1: Order placed. Your order has been placed and is awaiting acceptance by a personal shopper. You can cancel the order at this stage only.
2: Accepted by shopper. Your order has been accepted by a shopper.
3: Shopping for order. The shopper is shopping for the items you have requested.
4: On the way. Your order is on the road and will be with you soon.
5: Delivered. Your order has been delivered.

What if I'm not home for delivery?

When ordering, always select a time where you will be home to receive your order.

We will endeavour to deliver your order while you or someone else is available to receive it. In the event nobody is available to receive your order, the order will be left in a safe place at your nominated delivery address for you to collect. We cannot guarantee the safety of foods or be held responsible for damaged or lost products if left unattended.

Chilled or frozen items may spoil or melt if left unrefrigerated for long periods of time. Aircart advises that you follow Australian Government guidelines.

Refrigerated items left out for:
• Less than 2 hours can be used or put back in the refrigerator to use later.
• 2-4 hours can still be used, but shouldn't be put back in the fridge for use later.
• Refrigerated items left out for more than 4 hours are at risk of contamination and should be discarded.
For more information please visit the Food Standards Australia Website.

I forgot something, can I add it to my order?

You can add items to your order up until a personal shopper has accepted the order.

To do so, visit your orders tab, then the order you have placed, then tap the edit button.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes. You can cancel an order up until a shopper has accepted the order. Due to the on demand nature of the Aircart platform, once an order has been accepted, it cannot be cancelled.

What happens to my credit/debit card when I change my order by adding products?

If you change the order to an amount within the order pre-authorisation limit, there will be no change.

If you add products which extend beyond the pre-authorisation limit, the previous pre-authorisation will be canceled and a new pre-authorisation made.

What's a pre-authorisation?

When you place an order for groceries, a "hold" is placed on your debit/credit card for an amount before your personal shopper starts shopping. This pre-authorised amount may be higher than the final price charged to you and helps us manage any changes in the price of products by weight and where substitutes may be required which impact the final price.

Some items, such as loose produce, are weighed in-store. Shoppers always try to get your requested amount (weight), but as it can be difficult to get a specific weight. Final weights and prices may vary for some fresh produce items. A pre-authorisation helps us charge you the correct amount.

Some items may need to be substituted with an item less expensive. A pre-authorisation allows us to charge you the correct final amount once all items have been collected in store.

What happens if I cancel my order after a pre-authorisation has been made?

When you cancel an order, the pre-authorisation "hold" is released, leaving the amount freely available to use. Please note, depending on your bank, there may be a delay in releasing the pre-authorisation "hold".

Why is the final value of my order lower than what was shown at the checkout?

Out of stock items: If an item was out of stock in-store and hasn't been substituted, we will not charge your for the item not delivered, reducing the final value.
Weight range items: Some items are sold in a weight range are estimated at the checkout. When the item is picked, if it is lower than the estimate, we will reduce the price accordingly.

How can I find out which products were delivered?

You can view which items have been delivered by viewing the order in the "Orders" tab.

You will also receive a summary email after delivery from Aircart detailing the final order.

How can I see what products were substituted?

You can view which items have been substituted in a delivery by viewing the order in the "Orders" tab.

Within each order, you will be able to view any items that were unavailable and the substitute delivered, if required.

A product is missing from my delivery, did I pay for it?

You will only pay for the items that have been delivered.

If you find inconsistencies in the order summary after delivery and the contents of your delivery, you can contact customer care via with images and details.

I am not happy with an item delivered, can I get a refund?

If the item was ordered by you, we will not be able to refund the item for a change of mind.

If the item is a substite for an out of stock item, was delivered without your approval, and is significantly different from what you ordered, you can contact us via with images and details.

Can I return the bags my order was delivered in?

Due to hygiene and safety policies, we kindly request that you find a secondary use for the bags or recycle them.

Can I have the store receipt?

The receipt issued by the supermarket will not be delivered as it is a contractual document between Aircart and the store.

Aircart will send you two order emails: one when your initial order is placed and one when your final order is delivered.

How do I request a tax invoice?

If you require a tax invoice for tax purposes please email and quote your order number.

How do I edit my payment methods?

Tap the "Account" button on the homescreen and then select "Payment Methods".

You can then add a new payment method, edit details of a payment method, or delete a payment method.

How can I edit my profile photo?

Tap the "Account" button on the homescreen and then select "Edit Profile".

You can then add a profile photo by choosing an image from your library or using your camera.

How can I edit my profile name?

Tap the "Account" button on the homescreen and then select "Edit Profile".

You can then edit your first and last name.

How can I edit my email address?

Tap the "Account" button on the homescreen and then select "Edit Profile".

You can then edit your email address.

How can I edit the phone number associated to my account?

Tap the "Account" button on the homescreen and then select "Edit Profile".

You can then edit the mobile number.

How can I change the password to my account?

Tap the "Account" button on the homescreen and then select "Edit Profile".

You can then change your password.

I forgot my password, how can I access my account?

On the login screen, tap "Log in" then "Forgot password?" and follow the prompts.

If you continue to experience issues accessing your account, you can contact customer care via

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