Woolworths Drought Relief Full Cream Milk 2l

Woolworths Drought Relief Full Cream Milk 2l

At Woolworths, we care deeply and this new Drought Relief Milk range will offer our customers Woolworths Full Cream and Woolworths Lite Milk varieties for two litres and for three litres, with the extra 10 cents per litre to support dairy farmers in drought affected areas. Find out more here . (NSW, VIC, QLD & ACT Only) Simple goodness of Australian Full Cream Milk : - Permeate free. - Calcium is good for: healthy teeth, bones & energy. 1 cup of milk (250mL serving) = 1 serve of dairy (Eating 3 serves of dairy each day as part of a healthy, balanced diet will provide most people with their daily calcium requirements.)

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